Frustrated from Shore

         I spend a ridiculous amount of time chasing trophy fish (Seriously, I primarily chase muskies).  I get lots of questions from people that catch “whatever is biting” as to how I manage to find fish so big when I don’t even own a boat.  I call it the Shorebound Hero method (hence the name of the blog).  The idea came to me after finding out that the 2nd boat I had purchased needed significant work done.  Now as a father of 2 and husband of 1, I didn’t have the money.  So I started fishing from shore only to feel bad every time I saw a boat leave the dock.  I was losing the battle in my head before I even casted a line.  I couldn’t carry all my gear, the high end combos I had to own were getting damaged, I had to battle with other anglers for limited spots on crowded urban lakes, I didn’t believe I could cast a line out far enough to find fish, the list went on and on.  As I liked to say it wasn’t my fault, I needed a boat.  Truth is I was the problem.  I was so caught up in the articles, advertising, and hoopla that I almost gave up because I just didn’t have the money to go fishing effectively.  Then I started to watch videos of guys on the internet landing monster sharks from the beach, huge trout and salmon from harbor walls, bloated bluegills through the ice, and giant muskies from docks.  Suddenly my excuses were gone and I started making mental and physical notes of what I was seeing.  My mindset changed, I started to see the advantage in fishing from shore.   I learned that most of what I read in the magazines each month wasn’t directed at me, that lures and bait selection weren’t usually picked based on how well they cast from the bank.  That the 7 pound largemouth in the local pond would have to be chased differently than the one in 25 feet of water in the middle of the lake.  I realized that I was fishing from SHORE and my approach would have to be significantly different.  The stuff I was doing seemed crazy to my fishing buddies at the time, but they were fishing from boats.  Soon it started to pay off, don’t get me wrong I still have a lot to learn.  But I am having success, on a budget, from shore.
The next few posts will lay out some of the "crazy" ideas I have learned over the last few years. 

Such as:
  •       The progression of the “new” fisherman (Material Possessions i.e. Excessive Tackle).
  •       How to beat your brain, when it comes to targeting trophy fish.
  •      How to downsize tackle selections effectively.
  •      What I mean by the River Monster approach.
  •      How to stay mobile so that you are covering water as effectively as a boat owner.
  •      Why saltwater rods and rigging ideas can be a game changer in freshwater fishing.
  •       Adapting these ideas to make your boat fishing easier when the opportunity presents itself.
  •       Most importantly how to not become a snob when you get that big fish you’ve been chasing.
      Here's to your next giant...Tight Lines!

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