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A Hero's Fall Musky Lures

I've gotten a few questions about what I am using to fish from shore now that the water is so cold.  Most people that know me can tell you that I am not a fan of live bait.  I don't keep the fish I catch, so I have a hard time rationalizing killing a fish to catch a fish.  I totally get it if you don't understand and I also respect your right to keep the fish you catch.  It's just my philosophy so if I am not floating suckers, then what am I using to catch pike and musky?
Just 2 lures, yup that's all 2 lures.  You're probably thinking to yourself he must be a bulldawg guy, or maybe he throws glide baits.  I don't use them, nothing against the lures but I have no confidence with them.  Also I have arthritis and carpel tunnel in both my hands and wrists so the weight of bulldawgs causes problems.  I get some serious pain and numbness when fishing heavy lures.  This pain is the same reason that I don't use glide baits anymore.  The repetitive motion of work…

The Surf Weight Advantage

Fishing in the fast current of rivers here in Wisconsin can be frustrating.  You rig up, cast out, and get your weight snagged on the bottom.  Rocks and logs are everywhere and everytime you snag you end up cutting your line and losing your rigging.  This senario has played out for me countless times and I thought that was just what you had to deal with.  That was until I went to Florida to try my hand at shark fishing from shore.  In my quest for the gear I would need to fish the surf I stumbled across these.
I know they don't look like much, but they changed my river fishing.  What you are looking at is a spider weight.  They are made from copper pipe filled with 5 oz. of concrete that has smaller diameter copper wire inserted into the end.  They are used by surf anglers to dig into the sand and keep the bait from being brought back to shore by the waves.  It looks like this when you open up the wire (get why it's called a spider weight).
The secret is that unlike a round or p…

13 Fishing Black Betty Reel with New Ice Fender

Ice fishing is just around the corner and if your anything like me you love to chase those panfish.  For the last year or so I have been using the 13 Fishing Black Betty Reel.  I really enjoyed the reel when fishing shallow with the exception of the spool getting caught on my glove when feathering the reel.  This year 13 Fishing has came out with the Ice Fender to solve that problem.  The reel works flawlessly now and I am so pumped to fish it over the next few months.  
The included video is a quick review I did of the reel and the new Ice Fender.  Check out the reel, ice fender, and all of their other products at

Tight Lines!!!

Surf Rods for Freshwater?

Ever notice that the boats are catching fish just out of your reach from shore?  For me at least it always seems to be 20 feet farther than I can cast.  No matter how hard I throw, how much torque I put on the rod, or even which reel I am using, I can't close that distance.  One day while killing time on YouTube I saw a video of surf fisherman in Montauk casting for stripped bass.  The rods were long and the distance they got was incredible.  Now this got the gears in my head turning and I started to wonder if this would work in Wisconsin?
Iwanted to try this idea out on muskies.  My thought was if I could cast out to the weed edge and get the fish to follow, they would have more than enough time to commit.  The locals I talked to thought the idea was crazy.  Most didn't say it to my face, but I could tell from the looks I got that I was on my own in this endeavor.  I kind of gave up on the idea until I ran into Larry Dahlberg from the tv show The Hunt For Big Fish.  Now Larry …

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