A Hero's Fall Musky Lures

     I've gotten a few questions about what I am using to fish from shore now that the water is so cold.  Most people that know me can tell you that I am not a fan of live bait.  I don't keep the fish I catch, so I have a hard time rationalizing killing a fish to catch a fish.  I totally get it if you don't understand and I also respect your right to keep the fish you catch.  It's just my philosophy so if I am not floating suckers, then what am I using to catch pike and musky?
     Just 2 lures, yup that's all 2 lures.  You're probably thinking to yourself he must be a bulldawg guy, or maybe he throws glide baits.  I don't use them, nothing against the lures but I have no confidence with them.  Also I have arthritis and carpel tunnel in both my hands and wrists so the weight of bulldawgs causes problems.  I get some serious pain and numbness when fishing heavy lures.  This pain is the same reason that I don't use glide baits anymore.  The repetitive motion of working glide baits can cause so many problems for me that after a few hours of fishing I end up wearing wrist braces all week.  So then what lures do I use?
     First off a swimbait, a big swimbait.  With my wrists I need a lure that's easy to retrieve, light to throw, and has a big profile.  I always tell people that I'm after trophy fish.  To get a big fishes attention I usually need a big bait.  This swimbait is available through www.bogbaits.com.  It is 10 inches long and with a magnum jighead from Fintech it only weighs about 6oz.  This is perfect for fall muskies.  You can rig this bait up normal or sideways, swim it through the water column,  even jig it off the bottom.  The lure can be setup weedless, or with the hook exposed.  It has almost unlimited possibilities.  Plus Bog Baits is a Wisconsin company!
     The other lure I have been carrying this fall/winter season is new to me.  I came across this lure while on Facebook.  I was impressed by the testimonials and the fact that it was extremely versatile.  The swimbait is awesome in shallow/weedy water, but waiting for it to sink to depths over 20 feet can take awhile.  Also sometimes it is just nice to change up the presentation.
     It is blade bait, called the Echotail.  They only weigh 4oz. but the profile lets them sink fast.  The holes you see on the top of the bait allow you to control how much it wobbles, how fast it rises in the water column, and the tails are replaceable.  This lure is really neat and I have been using it lately to vertical jig as well as casting it out to steep drop offs.  You can bounce this thing off rocks and if you bend it just straighten out the body and and toss it again.  Plus it is from Wisconsin!  Check out the lures at www.VibrationsTackle.com
     So that's it, I keep it pretty simple.  I throw 2 lures, from two companies I believe in.  You won't be disappointed in the quality or service from these companies.  They have lots of lure options to target all species of fish in all kinds of conditions.  Ice fishing to Saltwater they have something to fill the needs of every angler.  
     Tight Lines.

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