Surf Rods for Freshwater?

     Ever notice that the boats are catching fish just out of your reach from shore?  For me at least it always seems to be 20 feet farther than I can cast.  No matter how hard I throw, how much torque I put on the rod, or even which reel I am using, I can't close that distance.  One day while killing time on YouTube I saw a video of surf fisherman in Montauk casting for stripped bass.  The rods were long and the distance they got was incredible.  Now this got the gears in my head turning and I started to wonder if this would work in Wisconsin?
     I wanted to try this idea out on muskies.  My thought was if I could cast out to the weed edge and get the fish to follow, they would have more than enough time to commit.  The locals I talked to thought the idea was crazy.  Most didn't say it to my face, but I could tell from the looks I got that I was on my own in this endeavor.  I kind of gave up on the idea until I ran into Larry Dahlberg from the tv show The Hunt For Big Fish.  Now Larry Dahlberg uses saltwater ideas all the time for freshwater fishing and seemed excited about this idea.
    The only thing to do now was pick out the rod.  I was after a versatile rod that could handle braided line and cast a lure that weighed 1 to 8 ounces.  After about a month of looking online I ended up back on the Stingray Tackle website.  The Heavy Hooker rod had everything I was looking for in a rod and the price was perfect.  Check them out at

     When the rod arrived I headed outside with the camera and shot this quick video.
     Now as you can see it casts much farther than a musky rod, but would it work on the water?  Well so far yes and no...Some lures don't cast any better with a longer rod.  If your lure fouls out you have alot of lost time reeling in all that line.  Also if trees or people are around you need to be really careful swinging that 12 foot rod around!

     The surf rod advantages:
  • I was able to cast much further (the rod is 12 feet long).
  • The handle was much longer so I could comfortably put much more force behind my cast.
  • The rod has no trigger so you can use spinning or casting reels.
  • The extra length allows for much easier figure 8's when standing on a break wall.

     I have been playing with it for awhile now and it is showing some promise (for catfish).  Only time will tell how effective it will be chasing muskies from the shore of Lake Monona.
     Until next time I will keep on casting and I promise to keep you updated.  Tight Lines!!!

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