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'Twas the Night Before Christmas, A Musky Tale

‘Twas the night before Christmas, looking out at the lake Nothing was stirring, not even a wake; The rods were all strung with new braided line, In hopes that a Musky soon would be mine; The lures in the tackle box, hooks sharpened with care; While visions of monster filled the night air; Pliers in my pocket, gloves on my hands, Had just made by my count, my 10,000th cast, When out in the water there arose such a clatter, I sprang down the shoreline to see what was the matter. Turning on my headlamp it threw such a flash, I fell from the rocks and got quite a gash. The moon on the top of my Echotail had shown, A ripple, I knew my cover was blown, When what to my wandering eyes did appear, But a 50 inch musky trailing my lure, With a head so wide I started to shake, I knew in a moment my reputation at stake. More rapid than eagles his teeth they came, He slammed that lure, and was heard mocking my name: Now Israel, Now Izzy, Now Shorebound Hero too, What will happen now that I have you! From the edge of the…

Season of Change

The lake is frozen, so now we change from long rods to short, heavy lines to light, casting to jigging.  I used to just call it a season and toss my rods in the corner of the garage and grab my ice bucket.  Not anymore, you see I had an unfortunate accident last winter that broke 3 rods and a reel.  It wasn't funny at the time, but in hindsight how I managed to suck them into the snow blower and the chaos that ensued was pretty funny.  Anyways, I'm taking some steps to insure that the gear I used this year makes it to spring.
First off I have taken the time to separate the reels from the rods.  Next I wiped them down.  This was a good opportunity to take a close look at the rods for cracks or damaged eyelets.  I have new rod socks and a Plano Airliner rod tube so now the rods are tucked safely into the basement.  This spring when I head to New Orleans I know that they will all be in one piece and ready to fish.  I have taken the old line off and cleaned the reels.  I keep the b…

It's cold, wear layers

When I arrived at lake Monona the other morning it was 11 degrees outside.  I was all bundled up in my Ice Armor gear and was comfortable and warm.  The poor fellow just down the terrace from me was not dressed for the  weather and was noticeably miserable.  After about 20 minutes he went back to his car and called it a day.  Since I was dressed for the weather the fishing was comfortable and productive.
So what is the secret to lasting when out in the elements?  First off take some time before you head out the door to see what the conditions are.  Remember that when standing on the shore you will get cold fast.  The wind by the lake will always drop the temps a bit and any exposed skin will make you suffer.  A few basic layers will help you last when your out fishing in the nastiest of weather conditions.
The first step is the base layer.  For most of us this starts with long underwear.  You want a blend of fibers not just cotton.  Cotton doesn't dry quickly and since this is the l…

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