Season of Change

     The lake is frozen, so now we change from long rods to short, heavy lines to light, casting to jigging.  I used to just call it a season and toss my rods in the corner of the garage and grab my ice bucket.  Not anymore, you see I had an unfortunate accident last winter that broke 3 rods and a reel.  It wasn't funny at the time, but in hindsight how I managed to suck them into the snow blower and the chaos that ensued was pretty funny.  Anyways, I'm taking some steps to insure that the gear I used this year makes it to spring.
     First off I have taken the time to separate the reels from the rods.  Next I wiped them down.  This was a good opportunity to take a close look at the rods for cracks or damaged eyelets.  I have new rod socks and a Plano Airliner rod tube so now the rods are tucked safely into the basement.  This spring when I head to New Orleans I know that they will all be in one piece and ready to fish.  I have taken the old line off and cleaned the reels.  I keep the boxes the reels came in so they all fit nicely in a drawer, and will be easy to find when April rolls around.

     Now that everything is tucked away and safe I get to start pulling out the ice fishing gear.  Should be out on the ice by the weekend.  We have 2-3 inches right now but I prefer at least 4 inches before I head out.  I have a new custom rod for pike and lake trout that I can't wait to try from Thorne Bros.  Really excited to share this seasons catches as well as ideas for pike, brown trout, big bluegills, and catfish.
     Tight Lines.

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