Beaver Grip Tip Up Rod Holder

Beaver Grip Tip-up/Rod Holder
     I love to customize things, actually I change pretty much everything I own.  From vehicles, to reels, to lures, to my tattoos.  I change stuff so that it is definitively mine.  When I got my ice fishing bucket, the first thing I did was cover it in stickers.  Next I added a sit and store so I could organize small items.  Then I added a fishing rod holder.  I thought that was about all you could do, but then I found the Beaver Grip.  The Beaver Grip is a 3 pack of molded plastic holders that allow you to store your Beaver Dam tip-ups tangle free.  This handy storage device lets you keep them on the outside of your bucket.  I loved this idea because I already fill the inside of the bucket with my rods, skimmer, and gaffe.
     So on to the Beaver Grip bucket installation.  As you can see in the pictures installing this system is easy.  I only attached 2 of the 3 holders that came in the kit.  They can be easily separated by cutting along the seam with a utility knife.  If I want to add the other one, I can do so in the future.  Anyways here is the installation step by step:
All hardware is included.  Don't throw the packaging away.  Instructions are on the back.
Select your placement then mark your holes.  Be careful not to set the holes to close to the bottom of the bucket or you won't be able to get the screwdriver on the head of the screw.
Use a 5/32 inch drill bit to punch the holes in the bucket.  Watch your fingers!!!
Place the holder on the outside of the bucket.  Then place a nut in the holder recess and insert a screw from the inside out.  Loosely install all screws before you tighten them down.

That's it, not much to it really.  Just take your time.
     Okay just a few things to mention.  Your bucket no longer holds water STILL HOLDS WATER!  You just drilled holes in it.  Also If you store rods on the outside of the bucket be careful not to smash them on anything.  You're gonna love this product if you've ever spent anytime on the ice untangling tip-ups.  Until next time...

     Tight Lines.

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