Ice Rod Bucket Holder

     I like to keep things simple on the ice.  It is already cold and I don't need anything overly complicated when I am out there.  Now as we all know, occasionally you need to set down a rod.  Maybe you want to tie another jig on the line?  Perhaps you need to put on another layer?  You may even be jigging with one rod and want to deadstick a second rod because the bite is slow?  So what do you use if you don't want to set that rod on the ice?  What about a rod holder that fits easily on the side of your bucket?
Bucket Rod Holder, This one is made by HT Enterprises.
     I found this rod holder at my local tackle shop.  They are easy to rig up, and hold the rod securely.  You can even bend them since they're made of a simple metal wire.  I have been using my rod holder for 3 seasons now and find that it is the most commonly used item I own when ice fishing (besides the ice rod).  I like to use this rod holder as a second set of hands.  I can set the rod in it when I am tying on a different lure.  I also use it when trout fishing the harbor with my baitrunner reel.  Open the rear drag switch, set the rod in the holder, and just sit down.  Since the rod is right below me on the bucket, when the fish takes the spawn sac the reel starts to click.  All I have to do is pick up the rod and set the hook.  No need for an automatic fisherman.  Another handy way to use this rod holder is to drill 2 holes in the ice.  One for jigging and one for deadsticking next to the bucket.  Now I can sit and jig for active fish, while still having a chance at the less active fish.  With the rod right next to me on my bucket, my peripheral vision can pick up the movement from the spring bobber on the deadstick rod.  It allows me to stay focused on jigging with out having to worry that I won't see the deadstick rod in time to keep it from going the down the hole.
     Give this handy little rod holder a try.  They are really inexpensive, sturdy, and well designed.  I think you will find lots of little uses for these rod holders.  And if you see this sticker covered bucket when your out, feel free to stop over and say hello.
     Tight Lines.

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