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Why Fit In?


Bring on the Echotails

Last year I stumbled upon a lure that filled the gaps in my tackle box.  I am a fisherman that thrives on simplicity.  When purchasing gear I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to find multiple purposes for a single item.  Whether it be rods, reels, bags, or soft plastics, if I own it I probably have at least 3 scenarios in which I can see myself using it.  That is one of the reasons I don't own many crankbaits.  The idea of a lure that swims in a controlled condition, be it depth or speed drives me crazy.  They are just to limited and take up to much space in the box.  Then I found the Echotail, a multi use blade bait and it opened up a world of possibilities.
First, they come in a ton of sizes.  You can get these lures from 1/10th oz. all the way up to the giant 8oz.  This makes it possible to chase almost anything that swims.  I have seen these lures used to catch everything from bluegills, to walleyes, to bass, to pike, and muskies.  A little research shows them pulling u…

Booth with a View

The Madison Fishing Expo comes to town every year about this time.  They always seem to time it perfectly.  Most fisherman I know in Wisconsin go through a phase this time of year.  The novelty of ice fishing begins to wear off as the daylight increases.  We long for the opportunity to cast a line, instead of jig one.  Then the expo blows through with new lures, seminar speakers, and the promise of open water just around the corner.
This year, for me at least it would be a little different.  This would be my first time to attend the expo from inside a booth.  My sponsor asked me if I would like a chance to help out at the Bog Baits booth.  I jumped at the opportunity to give back to the company that is helping me get my start in the fishing industry.  When I arrived at the expo on Friday I was nervous, really nervous.  You see with my anxiety I get a little anxious about large groups of people.  The other staffers said not to worry and just be myself.  They told me this was easy becaus…

Milwaukee Browns vs. 4 balls of Energy

On Saturday we woke up early to head for the Milwaukee harbor.  In tow we had four boys ages 8-11.  They were all fired up to get there first taste of chasing trophy brown trout through the ice.  We couldn't have had better conditions for taking kids out on the ice.  Bluebird skies and no wind, weather is always something to take in to consideration when taking children ice fishing.  You want them to be comfortable so that they enjoy being outside.  You don't want them to be cold.  If kids are miserable they won't want to do it again.  As we headed down the ramps at McKinley Marina the boys were so fired up that they pulled the sleds.  Now this was a nice way to start the day.

 We walked out on the ice and started to setup our base.  We were going to concentrate on tip up fishing so we could cover a lot of water.  The brown trout seem to come in waves so we have found that the more water we can cover, the better our odds of landing a fish.  The gas augers were fired up and …

Fishing Buddies

I am extremely lucky to have been blessed with great friends.  In only 4 short years they have taught me so much about fishing, life, and myself.    Everything from brute determination,

to traveling new waters,
 and testing new ideas.

 Forthelessons in patience,
and reminding me to smile.

And for believing in me, while I chase down impossible dreams.  

Thank You,

Tight Lines.

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