Booth with a View

     The Madison Fishing Expo comes to town every year about this time.  They always seem to time it perfectly.  Most fisherman I know in Wisconsin go through a phase this time of year.  The novelty of ice fishing begins to wear off as the daylight increases.  We long for the opportunity to cast a line, instead of jig one.  Then the expo blows through with new lures, seminar speakers, and the promise of open water just around the corner.
Bog Baits booth just before the opening of the Expo.
     This year, for me at least it would be a little different.  This would be my first time to attend the expo from inside a booth.  My sponsor asked me if I would like a chance to help out at the Bog Baits booth.  I jumped at the opportunity to give back to the company that is helping me get my start in the fishing industry.  When I arrived at the expo on Friday I was nervous, really nervous.  You see with my anxiety I get a little anxious about large groups of people.  The other staffers said not to worry and just be myself.  They told me this was easy because the people were here with the intention of buying fishing gear.
Vibration Tackle Echotail and Bog Baits Buzz Rig
     As I worked the 3 days of the expo I started to notice a few things.  The biggest was that alot of people had a very limited understanding of how to use soft plastics.  This came as a very big surprise to me.  I guess I had just assumed that if somebody owned a jersey or high end bass boat that they knew general bass riggings and the situations you would use them.  We spent alot of time just rigging worms, frogs, and snakes.  Also we got lots of general fishing questions.  Little things like when to use fluorocarbon vs. monofilament line?  What is the difference between a blade bait and a buzz bait?  What hooks do I use? How does rod action affect cast ability and durability of large bass plastics?  To "You mean you work frog baits and rat baits differently?"  Or do bass really strike lures that big?
     I am grateful to have met everybody that stopped by the booth.  I learned alot about how other anglers fish.  More importantly I got the chance to see and hear the thought processes of other fisherman.  As a bonus I got a lot of ideas for future blog posts.
     Tight Lines.

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