A chance to be in the history books? IGFA Trout Royal Slam Club

     So I admit that my goals are weird.  I have a tendency to set my mind to things that are a little random.  This past fall my buddy invited me to go fishing for brown trout.  Long story short I caught one.  That single fish has been swimming around in my mind ever since.  At the time I thought it was just a trout, people catch them all the time.  It wasn't till I showed some people the picture that I found out it would be considered a trophy to many fisherman.  That fish was 31 inches long and weighed in at 16 pounds.  When I posted the picture online I got lots of comments ranging from "how lucky I was", "to how many years did it take to get one that size"?  I realized at that point that for many anglers, large trout were the pinnacle of fishing success.
     Around that same time I joined the International Game Fish Association or the IGFA.  I was interested in the history of angling on a global scale and these were the guys that kept those records.  I researched everything from sharks, to bass, to muskies, to marlin, to snakeheads.  The stories of the anglers, the rod, the locations.  I loved the idea of belonging to an organization that had such a rich history.  The question was outside of catching a world record, how could one get their name into that big book of accomplishment?
     The Trout Royal Slam Club became the answer I was looking for.  To join the ranks of a club you need to catch all the species recognized by the IGFA for a certain species.  The Trout Royal Slam Club consists of 7 trout species-Brown, Brooke, Lake, Rainbow, Cutthroat, Bull, and Golden trout.  You have to follow the IGFA angling rules and you have a lifetime to catch them all.  Currently only 38 anglers world wide have accomplished this feat.  This club appealed to me because 4 of the 7 species can be caught in Wisconsin, and since currently I can't stop thinking about trout.
     So expect to see some posts as I work towards this goal in the upcoming years.  I believe that I will be able to register the 4 local species in the next 2 years.  The other 3 will take a bit of work, considering that 2 of them I hadn't even heard of until I read the rules of the slam.  Some traveling will definitely be in order.  Colorado looks promising for Cutthroat and Golden trout.  As for the Bull trout I believe Washington or California will be on the family vacation list in the next few years.  As a bonus I want to catch the Lake trout through the ice and the Golden trout on a tenkara rod.  I also need to work on my ultralight fishing and probably learn to use a fly rod.  Will see how it goes, I already have one fish caught, and I am not known for giving up easily. 
     Tight Lines.


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