Modified BuzzBait Rigs

     While helping out at the Vibrations Tackle booth at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sportsmans Show, I was approached by a man that I expected to ask me a about the Echotail lure I was working in the display tank.  He came up and said "Are you the guy from the frog booth at the Madison Fishing Expo?"  I replied that I was the guy from the "Bog Baits" booth (I even did air quotations to help lock in the name).  He said that he had bought a buzzbait from the booth, and he asked me what I did to modify the rig so that I could fish with bigger soft plastics.  So this begs the question, how do I modify a buzzbait rig?
     It all starts with a Bog Baits buzzbait rig.  He makes these from vinyl coated steel cable crimped to a hook at one end and a tying loop on the other.  The 4/0 hook that is included is great for throwing small to medium baits, and the multiple blades make a real ruckus in the water.
Bog Baits Buzz Rig
     But what if you want to throw a BIG frog?  I mean if you put a big bait on a small hook your hooking percentage is going to go way down.  I do a couple of quick and easy mods to make this rig capable of throwing almost anything.
     First, I cut off the hook, being careful not to cut into the cable.
Be careful not to damage the steel cable.

     Second, I attach a split ring to the cable where I cut off the hook.
The split ring allows the attachment of any size hook.
     Third, pick out the correct size hook for the soft plastic your throwing.
Any style works, as long as the split ring fits through the eye of the hook.
     That's all you need to take a buzzbait rig from basic to brutish.
From mild to wild in 3 easy steps.
    With these simple tweaks you can now throw bigger baits to chase everything from trophy bass to monster muskies.  This trick works with all styles of buzzbait rigs.  If you need to buy a rig for yourself, check them out at the Bog Baits website.  
9 inch Bogs Musky Frog on a modified buzzbait rig with 12/0 hook.
     Tight Lines.


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