Braid Stacking

     With the opener only 2 weeks away here in southeastern Wisconsin I have turned my attention to replacing line on my reels.  Now most of you know the trick of taking the braided line off your spool and reattaching it from the other end to get another season out of the line.  But what do you do with line that has seen to many seasons or is now to short to fill the spool?
Not enough line to go the distance.
     The saltwater community uses a technique called braid stacking.  They commonly use this to increase the line capacity of a reel.  The basic idea is simple, use smaller line at the bottom of the spool, then attach larger diameter line at the top of the spool.  Let's get started...
50 pound on Penn, 80 pound on Revo, 100 pound Big Game
     I started by emptying my Okumas spool and reeling the line onto my Penn.  Next I attached the 80 pound line from the Revo to the 50 pound line on the Penn using a Albright Knot.  This knot is nice and small, it moves freely through the levelwind and line guides.  For information on this knot see www.animated  
Albright Knot
     Next I added the leftover 100 pound Trilene Big Game (Albright Knot).  Now I have a reel that would normally hold about 300 yards of line with over 600 yards of line on it.  I use this reel for trolling, sucker fishing for muskies, surf casting, and catfishing.  The best part of this system is that the line gets stronger as you reel.  I know that when the fish is in close and I am applying the most pressure that the strongest line is in the fight.  Give this idea a try, at the very least you can get a little more life out of that expensive line.
Braid Stacking, a great use for old line.
     Tight Lines.

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