Packing for Adventure

     Today at work while discussing my angling plans for my first trip to the State of Louisiana, a coworker asked how I even knew what to pack?  Well to be honest I don't really, I do know that I will be shorefishing in both freshwater and saltwater.  So after researching where I am going to fish and what I might run into while there I compiled this list.

Packing List for New Orleans/Grand Isle Lousiana:

12 foot medium heavy surf rod
7 foot heavy inshore spinning rod
7 foot medium 3 piece spinning rod
6 foot 50-100 pound line rod (shark fishing)
Penn Senator 14/0 reel (shark fishing)
Okuma Baitfeeder 90 with extra spool for braid/mono option
Okuma Baitfeeder 30 with extra spool for braid/mono option
2 large shark leaders (shark fishing)
1 medium shark castable leader (shark fishing)
2 surf spider weights (shark fishing)
Miscellaneous container with snaps, hooks, weights, etc.
Large Bobber (gar fishing)
Rod holders
Long Handle Pliers
Short Handle Pliers (belt sheath w/strap)
Lucid Fishing Lip Grippers
Measuring Tape
Freight Train Stand Up Fighting Harness
6, 8, 12 pound fluorocarbon line for leader making
10 Vibrations Tackle Echotails in 1/2 oz and 1 oz sizes ( they catch everything)
DOA Swimbait and Shrimp packages
10 pack of 1/4 oz. Saltwater Jigheads
Miscellaneous soft plastic frogs, swimbaits (Bog Baits)
Polarized Sunglasses
Rayjus Tournament Jersey (photos)
Spiderwire Backpack (everything fits minus the rods)

     This list should allow me to chase everything from bass to bull sharks.

     Tight Lines.

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