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Pursuing the Golden Bonefish (Carp)

A couple weeks ago while lazily scrolling through google images at work, I came across a photo of a carp that was caught on a fly.  At first I really didn't think anything of it, at first.What has followed is quickly becoming an obsession of Moby Dick type proportions.  I am a musky fisherman by nature.  I chase real fish, game fish, the hardest freshwater fish you can chase.  Or at least I thought they were, until I tried to catch a carp on purpose with a fly rod.

My first attempts were laughable at best.  I went out to known spots throughout Madison and chucked flies at carp.  They bolted or at least some did, most appeared to mock me as I got my line stuck in the trees, in the bushes, and around my feet.  I needed some help, so off I went to Orvis of Madison.  They gave me some fly recommendations and sold me a book called Carp on the Fly.  This book is more or less the bible of fly carping.  The first correalation the book made was that fly fishing for carp was the closest thin…

65th Anniversary of the Musky World Record

So today marked the 65th anniversary of the world record musky being caught.  Who caught the world record?  Louie Spray? nope, the world record musky as recorded by the IGFA was caught by Cal Johnson on July 24th 1949.  The record still stands today 65 years later and is one of the most sought after and coveted of all the IGFA's world records.  This was and still is to this day the recognized world record musky.  It was originally certified by the old Field Stream freshwater record committee and transferred to the IGFA when they took over the freshwater records in 1978.  Having all the freshwater and saltwater records under one organization helped to insure honest and accurate records.
This musky was caught on Lake Court Oreilles located in Hayward Wisconsin.  They were row trolling a wooden Pike Oereno lure and when the big girl hooked up it took almost an hour for Cal to be able to land it.  So how big is the world record?  A staggering 67lbs. 8 oz. a trophy even by today's s…

Orvis Tippet Spool Holder

The other day I stopped off at the Orvis store.  I always enjoy going in there, since the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  We were discussing what was going on fishing wise around Madison when I mentioned my Spiderwire backpack.  I told them that while I enjoy using the bag it has a tendency to kind of eat smaller items.  I am constantly digging through it looking for my tippet material while fly fishing.  Bret the manager mentioned that I would benefit from the use of a tippet spool holder.  After discussing different options they had in stock I settled on the stand alone model. This tippet spool holder holds up to 7 spools of tippet material.  Which is nice if your the type of person that chases multiple species of fish with only one or two rods.  It attaches with a carbine clip to a D ring on your vest or backpack or just clip it onto your pants belt loop.  At the other end is a second clip to attach the tool of your choice (scissors, nipper, floatant, forceps, etc). While out t…

Rod Tip Replacement

As shorebased anglers our gear really takes a beating.  Our gear rarely just sits in a boat.  Normally it's loaded into vehicles, ducked under trees, and dropped on the rocks (always on accident).  Factor in letting people borrow gear when they need it or the use and abuse from clients while guiding and I know my rods wear out fast.
So Tuesday while wading under a bridge that has been closed due to construction all summer, I knocked another rod tip insert out of my snakehead rod.  Rod tip inserts are important since they are in constant contact with the line.  They protect your fishing line by keeping it off the rod, reducing line friction (especially important with braid), and the smooth surface of the inserts enhance casting distance.  So let's go over the steps required to get that rod back into service.
First step is to heat up the old rod tip.  The glue is temperature sensitive so by heating up the rod tip it will slide free of the rod blank.
Once you have the old rod tip re…

New Flies

So as some of you know I have recently picked up a fly rod in an attempt to broaden my horizons as an angler.  I am always trying to learn new fishing techniques and put them to use in pursuit of the fish I love.  The stories of my struggles to figure fly fishing out are humorous, but I will save those stories for another time, for now just a quick inventory of whats new in the Orvis Large Boat Box.

San Juan WormJan's Carp TicklerHise's Carp NastyMouse RatFoam Bass PopperDahlberg DiverHair Bass BugConehead Bunny MuddlerEgg FlyAs of right now I am only in pursuit of carp and bass.  Mainly because bass are easy to catch, and carp since they are the closest thing to a saltwater fight that you can get in freshwater.  And as my wife is so quick to remind me, my budget doesn't allow me to own multiple fly rods at this time so the pike and muskies are just gonna have to wait.

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