65th Anniversary of the Musky World Record

     So today marked the 65th anniversary of the world record musky being caught.  Who caught the world record?  Louie Spray? nope, the world record musky as recorded by the IGFA was caught by Cal Johnson on July 24th 1949.  The record still stands today 65 years later and is one of the most sought after and coveted of all the IGFA's world records.  This was and still is to this day the recognized world record musky.  It was originally certified by the old Field Stream freshwater record committee and transferred to the IGFA when they took over the freshwater records in 1978.  Having all the freshwater and saltwater records under one organization helped to insure honest and accurate records.
     This musky was caught on Lake Court Oreilles located in Hayward Wisconsin.  They were row trolling a wooden Pike Oereno lure and when the big girl hooked up it took almost an hour for Cal to be able to land it.  So how big is the world record?  A staggering 67lbs. 8 oz. a trophy even by today's standards.
    Although this fish like all of the old record fish courts it's fair share of controversy, it is still the only recognized world record musky.  An amazing fish with an amazing history.  To find out more about this record or many other recognized species records go to www.igfa.org.  Consider becoming a member and show your support for responsible, ethical angling.
     Tight Lines.

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