A Little Tape Goes A Long Way

     A quick tip for my fellow anglers out on the water.  I like to wrap the handles of all my different fishing pliers with some electrical tape.  You only need to 8-10 wraps, but those wraps of tape can save your day.
     Let's say you land yourself a beautiful musky.  You realize that the hooks of your bucktail are buried deep and that it's in the muskies best interest to clip the hooks and get it back in the water.  As you get ready to replace the hook it suddenly dawns on you that you didn't bring any heat shrink tubing to hold the hook in it's correct position (I know it sounds crazy, but it happens).  A few quick wraps and your back in action, just make sure the lure is dry so that you get good adhesion.  While your at it a few wraps around the base of the hook will keep your silicone or tinsel skirts from getting stuck in the hook itself.  It also helps to reduce the amount of weed slime your hook picks up as it travels over the weed beds.
     Another use I recently discovered was using the tape as a stand in when your finger stripping guard fails.  If you spend enough time stripping streamers and poppers for bass and carp eventually you'll wear right through your finger guards or gloves.  I have found that it never seems to happen when I am ready to call it a day.  Usually it happens right around the time I have located the big fish.  1-2 wraps and I can fish the rest of the day blister free.
     If you think about it I'm sure you can come up with tons of uses for that little bit of tape.  The key is to wrap your pliers, No tape...No fix.  It could be the difference between finishing the day and finishing early.  Until next time...
     Tight Lines.

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