New Flies

     So as some of you know I have recently picked up a fly rod in an attempt to broaden my horizons as an angler.  I am always trying to learn new fishing techniques and put them to use in pursuit of the fish I love.  The stories of my struggles to figure fly fishing out are humorous, but I will save those stories for another time, for now just a quick inventory of whats new in the Orvis Large Boat Box.

  1. San Juan Worm
  2. Jan's Carp Tickler
  3. Hise's Carp Nasty
  4. Mouse Rat
  5. Foam Bass Popper
  6. Dahlberg Diver
  7. Hair Bass Bug
  8. Conehead Bunny Muddler
  9. Egg Fly
     As of right now I am only in pursuit of carp and bass.  Mainly because bass are easy to catch, and carp since they are the closest thing to a saltwater fight that you can get in freshwater.  And as my wife is so quick to remind me, my budget doesn't allow me to own multiple fly rods at this time so the pike and muskies are just gonna have to wait.

          Tight Lines.

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