Rod Tip Replacement

Rod Tip Kit, Lighter, Rod Tip Missing it's insert.
     As shorebased anglers our gear really takes a beating.  Our gear rarely just sits in a boat.  Normally it's loaded into vehicles, ducked under trees, and dropped on the rocks (always on accident).  Factor in letting people borrow gear when they need it or the use and abuse from clients while guiding and I know my rods wear out fast.
     So Tuesday while wading under a bridge that has been closed due to construction all summer, I knocked another rod tip insert out of my snakehead rod.  Rod tip inserts are important since they are in constant contact with the line.  They protect your fishing line by keeping it off the rod, reducing line friction (especially important with braid), and the smooth surface of the inserts enhance casting distance.  So let's go over the steps required to get that rod back into service.
     First step is to heat up the old rod tip.  The glue is temperature sensitive so by heating up the rod tip it will slide free of the rod blank.
Careful the rod tip gets hot.
     Once you have the old rod tip removed take a little sandpaper and clean up the rod blank.  Then you need to heat up the glue stick.  You only need to heat it up for 3-4 seconds, it doesn't take long!
The rod glue melts quickly and you don't want to burn it.
     Final step is to apply rod glue to the rod blank and install the new tip.  You need to complete this step with a fair sense of urgency.  The rod glue will cool fast so you need to get the replacement tip on and lined up quickly.
Apply only as much as you need.  No need to over do it.
     Well that about does it, the whole thing takes about 5 minutes from start to finish.  After the glue cools it will set up just as strong as the original.  I also like to add a little clear nail polish when I replace a tip on a glossy rod (it helps with aesthetics).  With the new rod tip installed your line is safe again and your rod should perform flawlessly. 
Let's Go Fishing!
     Tight Lines.

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