Been Busy

     So these last few weeks has been pretty busy.  Started up the store so I am know happy to announce that the Shorebound Hero hat and performance tee is now available, and shockingly a few have already sold.  Just follow the link to join the army of shorebound anglers who believe, you don't need a boat to catch a trophy.
     I received my new jersey from Rayjus.  It looks great and as always the crew over at Rayjus did an awesome job on the design and layout.  It is loud and gaudy and has already gotten quite a few people to ask me about the different companies displayed on it.  Which in turn gives me an opening to show off the lures and hand out business cards and promo information.
     Lastly, I have been doing a lot of template and layout changes to the blog.  I have added direct sponsor links, SEO optimization, and a language translator at the request of some international readers.  I have been back to my regular schedule of fishing and guiding 4-5 days a week after a rocky start to my summer due to a loved one losing her cancer fight.  Been doing everything from fly fishing, ultralight fishing, catfishing, musky fishing, and preparing to make a run on an IGFA line class record.  I want to thank all those who have supported me.  Vibrations Tackle, Nauti Lures, and Pink Fishing, if you guys need any help during the expo season in the booths let me know, I am happy to help.  Finally to all my readers THANK YOU.  
     Tight Lines.

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