Evening Shower Summer Crappies

     A couple years ago I noticed a pattern for summer crappies that I just have to share.  I stumbled upon it by accident and it has been so consistent that I wonder if it works in other parts of the country too.  The gear is simple, an ultralight up to medium rod (depending on the size of your crappies).  4-10 pound test line, again depending on what rod your using.  A crappie jig or lure (Echotail), the minnow look a likes seem to perform best.
     The pattern conditions are pretty straight forward.  On warm summer evenings following a rain shower and just before it gets dark, crappies show up in numbers at the point where a creek enters a lake.  At first I thought it was a fluke because this is a common spot to pick off a one or two crappies all summer long.  So what make this scenario special?  It has been consistently producing large numbers of crappies.  As many 18-20 keeper sized fish in less than an hour.  It seems a little to good to be true right?  Let me explain what I think is happening.
     As evening falls the crappies gather in their normal spots, schooled up, relating to structure, and suspended near weed breaks adjacent to deeper water.  As the rain falls insects are knocked from their perches along the creek and drop into the water.  When the creek begins to swell it carries this food supply into the lakes where it is distributed into the water column.  The smaller fry and "minnows" then move to the lake mouths to eat up the floating banquet.  Soon to follow are the ravenous crappie schools.  It's like my buddy always says, "to find the fish, find their food source".
     Whether you're vertical jigging, bobber plopping some shiners, or casting little spinners across the top of the school, around here the action gets intense.  Next time it rains give this pattern a test run in your area for me.  I am curious to hear if it works for you, or if it's a Madison only kind of thing.
Remember to limit your catch, not catch your limit.
     Tight Lines.

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