Fly Box Update August 2014

     So long story short I seem to be accumulating more flies.  I must admit that I enjoy just looking at them as much as I do fishing them.  This collection was supposed to be just for chasing bass and carp.  Then my goal was to collect musky flies over the winter.  Somehow I got distracted by the myriad of designs.  Which I guess is part of the fun.  Here is an updated list as of August 14th, 2014.

  • 6 Woolly Buggers in Black, White, and Brown
  • 4 Vernille San Juan Worms in Red and Tan
  • 6 Clouser Minnows in White, Black, and White/Olive
  • 2 San Juan Worms in Red with bead
  • 2 Gibson's Dragon Flies
  • 2 Predator Pounders in Green and Orange
  • 1 Dancing Frog
  • 5 Jan's Carp Ticklers in Green, Orange, and Red (love these)
  • 2 Crystal Buggers in Black
  • 2 Fluttering Blue Damsels
  • 3 TH Medusas in Red and Pink
  • 2 Graw Dawgs in Brown
  • 1 Superfly Terrestrial Assortment-6 Hopper Imitations
     Of course this is a list of just the newest flies.  The flies from last months inventory post are in the box still too.
   Tight Lines

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