5 Quick Tips for Productive Fall Shore Fishing

     Well the days are growing shorter and the water is getting colder.  I thought a couple quick tips for fall shore fishing were in order.
  1. Throw a of stocking cap and a pair of gloves into the backpack.  Fall weather can be pretty unpredictable.  The days can start calm and sunny then can turn into cold and windy in a hurry.  A stocking cap and gloves might mean the difference between landing a trophy or landing in the hospital with hypothermia.  I prefer wool gloves since they still trap heat and stay warm even if wet.
  2. Afternoons are awesome.  With cold nights now becoming common, it takes a little longer for the water to warm in the shallows.  Afternoon fishing is normally the most productive time for bass and panfish since the water is the warmest just before the sun goes down.
  3. Slow your retrieval speed.  Since fish are cold blooded, as the water cools they start to move slower.  Slowing the retrieval speed allows the lure to stay in the strike zone a little bit longer.  Making a conscious effort to slow down has helped me consistently catch fall lunkers.
  4. UPSIZE your bait.  The forage species in your body of water are gonna be mature by the time fall hits.  The predators are looking to fatten up for winter and they want to do it as efficiently as possible.  Catching one large meal uses less energy than catching a bunch of smaller meals.  So play to their nature and toss them what they want.
  5. Stay Positive.  Fall fishing can be extremely frustrating.  Fish are migrating to their spring spawning grounds, lakes are turning over, and hook ups can be few and far between.  Having a positive mindset will keep you in the game longer, which inevitably leads to more fish.
     Keep these quick tips in mind as we head into fall.  Remember that one of the perks of fall fishing is that the fish are feeding heavily, which makes for some impressive catches.  Keep Warm, Slow Down, and Stay Positive.
     Tight Lines.

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