7 things in 200 days

     According to my fishing journal September 2nd will mark my 200th day on the water this year.  I looked up the actual number of days and it appears I have missed 44 days so far this season.  Not bad when you consider what my family has been through this summer.  Here is a quick list of the 7 things I am most proud of (fishing wise) in these first 244 days of 2014.
     First- I started working with another great company as a ProStaffer for Nauti Lures.
     Second- My Cub Scout fishing derby celebrated its 4th year.
     Third- Caught the second species of trout needed for my IGFA royal trout slam.
    Fourth- Spent some time legitimately learning how to fly fish.

     Fifth- Finally caught some species of fish that had been eluding me.
     Sixth- After breaking 3 rods this season, I have realized that I don't need high end gear to catch fish.
     Seventh- Learned how to better promote my blog and now have over 120,000 views across 5 platforms.
     All this makes for an exciting beginning to 2014.  I want to thank everybody for all the shares, likes, +1's, and word of mouth support you have given me.  Although I still don't know where all this going, I am thoroughly enjoying the ride.
     Tight Lines.

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