Gander Mountain Guide Series Frontier Fly Rod Review

     I love a really nice fly rod, but sometimes the really nice rods cost a really nice bundle of cash.  While chasing carp this summer I broke 2 rods in 3 days and that kind of damage doesn't agree with the family budget.  I was in need of a new rod and my fishing funds were low.  I tried the normal channels of asking buddies and browsing craigslist, but I couldn't find a rod I could afford.  Then while killing time at Gander Mountain on a rainy day I found the Guide Series Frontier fly rod.
     The Guide Series Frontier is a 4 piece budget rod that is made in China.  It's a graphite rod which allows for decent sensitivity considering its low cost.  It has many nice features like an aluminum uplocking reel seat, alignment dots to aid in rod setup, and a full wells cork grip.  I especially like the oversized hook keeper and generous fighting butt.  The rod has a blue finish with light blue thread wrappings giving it a very clean look.  It even comes with a roll up canvas rod bag that fits nicely in it's zippered rod tube.
     The model I chose was the 7 weight.  Normally while casting for bass and carp I use an 8 weight rod.  Using a 7 weight allows me to overline the rod.  Overlining lets you load the rod easier which allows faster response and quicker speed for firing out a cast at crusing carp in a hurry.  Once I had it strung up I found that it balanced well with my 8 weight reel.  When I arrived at the pond I noticed that rod is a mid flex.  In the past all the fly rods I have used were tip flex so I had to adjust my timing and lift my back cast a little bit.  Nothing major, but worth mentioning if your considering this rod.  All in all it casts well and has plenty of backbone for muscling in an angry bass or marauding carp.  
     I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this rod to a beginning fly fisherman.  It would also serve as a good back up rod to the more experienced angler.  It doesn't seem to be on the website anymore, but every Gander Mountain store I have stopped into has them.  They retail for $100.00 as shown here, but I have seen them on sale for as low as $39.99.  So if your looking for an inexpensive fly rod with some very nice appointments, check out the Gander Mountain Guide Series Frontier fly rod.
     Tight Lines.

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