Hat(ch) Patch Review

     Every once in awhile I come across a product that I fall in love with, the Hat(ch) Patch is just such a product.  I wear a lot of hats, not just in life, but actual hats.  Being your average balding American male I have a ball cap on my head during at least 75% of my day.  Also as a company supported angler I wear many different hats to help promote my supporters brands and products.  These hats are given to me as gifts and I just don't feel comfortable destroying them. Digging hooks into the bill to dry my flies not only rips the fabric, but it also gives me a poor appearance makes me look homeless.
     The Hat(ch) Patch is a great little device from Nature Boy Designs that solves this problem by allowing me to dry flies on my hats without messing up the bill.  It is made out of a carbon fiber patterned plastic that not only looks great, but is contoured to fit your hat.  The bottom side has integrated clips to attach it to the bill and the top side features a low profile durable foam to keep your flies firmly in place and within easy reach.  It switches so easily from hat to hat that I sometimes wonder how I got along without one.
     Check them out at www.natureboydesigns.com.  You won't be disappointed in the Hat(ch) Patch, it does exactly what it's supposed to.
     Tight Lines.

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