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How Your Bicycle Can Help Your Fly Fishing

Nothing screws with your fly fishing like a looped or kinked leader.  I leave my leader attached to my line when I am not fishing so messed up leaders are a common issue.  When bass fishing this hasn't really been an issue since I am usually stripping line.  However it becomes a major issue when trying to detect a subtle bite from panfish or while sight fishing for carp.  I have tried to straighten it by pulling on the leader, getting it wet, even stripping the line over aggressively.  Here is a quick home remedy to get your leader in shape quickly and cheaply.
First off get yourself an old bicycle inner tube and cut yourself off a 2 inch section.
Second, cut the inner tube length wise.
Third, open the inner tube up, get it wet, and drag it along the leader.  The rubber really grips the leader material.  This force straightens the leader after just a few pulls.  You want to pull length wise from the attachment loop all the way to the fly.  Now your leader is nice and straight helping…

Okuma SLV 5/6 Fly Reel Review

For those following along my fly fishing learning curve this year has broken 2 rods and 3 reels.  I was getting fed up with the craptastic gear I had and started looking for a reel that I could get a little more life out of.  While searching online I came across the Okuma SLV reel from Okuma Fishing Tackle.  I already use there spinning reels and I have always been impressed with the quality you get for the price.  After a few mouse clicks, a week or so later it arrived at my door.

Here is the basic features of the reel:

Multi Disc DragOne Way Roller BearingMachined Stainless Steel Spool ShaftDiecast Aluminum Super Large Arbor Spool Design
The first thing I noticed about the reel was that the drag clicks as you adjust it.  I really like this feature since I now know when an adjustment has been made.  It used to drive me crazy on my previous reels that I couldn't tell how much I had adjusted the drag when fighting a fish.  With the audible click of the drag adjustment knob I can now b…

New Local Waters

Ihave needed new waters lately.  I have been craving fishing in places I haven't been to and since the family budget says stay local, I fired up Google Earth and started scouring the neighborhoods in Madison, WI.  I spend a stupid amount of time on Google Earth.  I love toexplore areas close to home as well as looking at waters in far off destinations.  While scanning the map I noticed a small creek fed pond I never new existed that was maybe 3 minutes from my house.  I grabbed my rod, my box of 1/2oz. Echotails, and my waterproof Lucid Fishing Dry Pack, and then headed out the door looking for an adventure.
As I pulled up to the pond (found it first try), I immediately noticed that the creek was all but dried up.  This had me a little worried since stale and stagnant water in town usually means it doesn't hold any fish.  I started working my way around the pond looking for any verifiable signs of life.  A few casts in and I snagged on the bottom.  After freeing my lure I reele…

First Iowa Musky

Last weekend while back home visiting family I landed my first Iowa musky.  It has taken 4 years of fishing Pleasant Creek Lake to finally find and land one of these fish.  The fish hit on the sixth cast of the morning and the guys out in there bass boats whooped and cheered as I fought and landed the fish.  I didn't take the time to measure it since they are kind of rare on that lake and I wanted to give it the quickest release possible.  
A big thanks to Nauti Lures and Lucid Fishing for making great products that always work flawlessly when I need them too.
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Thank You for 1 Year of Shorebound Hero

It occurs to me as I find myself once again sitting behind the screen of a computer planning tomorrow mornings fishing excursion, that today marks 1 year of the Shorebound Hero blog.  It feels like an eternity has passed since I sat down and nervously typed out that first post wondering if anybody would even read it.  Now here I am 365 days and 111 blog posts later still trying to figure out why anybody bothers to stop by and read what I have to say.
I don't have any tips today, no stories, and no motivational images.  I just wanted to take the time to say thank you.  A sincere thank you to Vibrations Tackle, Nauti Lures, and Pink Fishing for all their support.  For the countless shares, expo work, conversations, stories, and friendships.  I have learned so much about the fishing industry from my involvement with your products.  I truly feel honored to represent you and and am forever in your debt.
I would also like to say thank you to all my friends and family.  You have all been s…

Shorebound Hero Goes Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and with my current support of Pink Fishing I thought it was about time I put my money were my mouth is.  So for the month of October the Shorebound Hero trucker hat will be available in PINK.  All profits from this special run hat will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.  As always the hat will be produced and shipped from the fine people over at  So buy a hat to help a cause, with over 700 standard Shorebound Hero hats already sold internationally I hope that the same support you have shown me can be shown to those working to ease the burden of battling breast cancer.
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