How Your Bicycle Can Help Your Fly Fishing

     Nothing screws with your fly fishing like a looped or kinked leader.  I leave my leader attached to my line when I am not fishing so messed up leaders are a common issue.  When bass fishing this hasn't really been an issue since I am usually stripping line.  However it becomes a major issue when trying to detect a subtle bite from panfish or while sight fishing for carp.  I have tried to straighten it by pulling on the leader, getting it wet, even stripping the line over aggressively.  Here is a quick home remedy to get your leader in shape quickly and cheaply.
     First off get yourself an old bicycle inner tube and cut yourself off a 2 inch section.
     Second, cut the inner tube length wise.
     Third, open the inner tube up, get it wet, and drag it along the leader.  The rubber really grips the leader material.  This force straightens the leader after just a few pulls.  You want to pull length wise from the attachment loop all the way to the fly.  Now your leader is nice and straight helping you cast more accurately and detect bites with greater precision.  I have also found that punching a hole in the corner of the tube and attaching a quick clip from an old musky leader makes for a handy attachment point to your bag or vest.  Give this tip a try and let me know how it works for you.  
     Tight Lines.

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