Okuma SLV 5/6 Fly Reel Review

     For those following along my fly fishing learning curve this year has broken 2 rods and 3 reels.  I was getting fed up with the craptastic gear I had and started looking for a reel that I could get a little more life out of.  While searching online I came across the Okuma SLV reel from Okuma Fishing Tackle.  I already use there spinning reels and I have always been impressed with the quality you get for the price.  After a few mouse clicks, a week or so later it arrived at my door.

Here is the basic features of the reel:

  • Multi Disc Drag
  • One Way Roller Bearing
  • Machined Stainless Steel Spool Shaft
  • Diecast Aluminum Super Large Arbor Spool Design

     The first thing I noticed about the reel was that the drag clicks as you adjust it.  I really like this feature since I now know when an adjustment has been made.  It used to drive me crazy on my previous reels that I couldn't tell how much I had adjusted the drag when fighting a fish.  With the audible click of the drag adjustment knob I can now be confident in my drag setting during a fight. The foam knob on the handle is a nice touch too.  When fighting carp this summer more than once I have had the knob spin around while the fish is peeling line and smash into my knuckles.  The little bit of padding helps, trust me.  Lastly the reel feels well made.  The reels I have owned in the past always felt cheap.  Both to the touch and when using them, this reel feels like it will hold up and so far it hasn't disappointed.

     Do I have any complaints about the reel?  So far only one, and it hasn't really been issue.  The drag can get a little sticky.  It seems to surge when a fish pulls on it.  It doesn't have that nice buttery smooth feel you like when testing a drag system.  This hasn't been detrimental to my fishing since I am chasing bass and carp and have this poor little reel spooled up with 8 weight line and never drop lower than a 1x tippet.  This could be a deal breaker however if you were using it to catch trout and your tippet never goes over 5x. Like I said it hasn't been an issue for me, but keep it in mind if your a dedicated trout bum.
     All in all it is a good little reel that I would definitely recommend.  It would be a great upgrade for a starter combo or a nice backup reel for carrying sinking line on a trip.  So if you find yourself in need of a new or replacement fly reel to chase your favorite fish check out the Okuma SLV.  You get a lot of great features for the $48.00 asking price.  Pick one up on Amazon or at www.okumafishing.com.
     Tight Lines.


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