Things Don't Always Go Right

     Today while lying around the house dealing with my cold, I found myself reminiscing about this years fishing season.  Specifically looking back at the times things didn't go right.  Sometimes despite having the best laid plans things just go wrong.  Whether it's equipment failure, bad weather, or getting skunked, if you fish long enough things happen...
Stupid Pike!!!
Should have used a Lucid Fishing Grip!
Watch your back cast!!!
Didn't this frog have 2 legs?
What's a drain plug?
Where's the skirt?
Dad, we need new fishing poles!!!
Dammit, I just wanted one bucktail!
How in the hell does a reel just fall off?
     I must admit that even though things don't always go my way, I almost always end the trip with a laugh.  Good friends and good fishing go hand in hand so get out there and catch some fish, tell some stories, and make new memories with those that mean the most to you.  
     Tight Lines.

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