Lucid Fishing 10 Liter Dry Bag Review

      Last summer I made the progression from standing on the shoreline to actually standing in the water.  That's right I started wading to access areas that I previously couldn't reach.  Although the introduction to new waters was exciting, it also exposed some weaknesses in my fishing system.  I quickly realized that tackle trays and electronics full of water were simply put, a royal pain in the ass.  I needed to find a waterproof bag if I was gonna keep up this wading chest deep thing.  I started looking around online for a bag that was easy to use, large enough to hold my Plano tackle trays, and as my wife pointed out, it needed to stay within budget.  What I found was a 10 liter dry bag from my friends over at Lucid Fishing.

      I placed my order and a few days later I had a box on my doorstep.  Upon opening the package I found the dry bag and some bonus stickers (I'm a sticker addict).  I quickly pulled out the bag for inspection and was surprised at how well the bag was constructed.  It appears at first glance to be your standard roll top dry bag.  However with a closer look you'll find that it's built much better than any dry bag you have owned in the past.  The material that the dry bag is constructed out of is thick and robust.  It is easily 2-3 times thicker than any of my other dry bags.  It features an adjustable strap that's long enough to comfortably wear the dry bag across your shoulders as a sling pack.  This allows you to cast easily since the bag stays in place centered between your shoulder blades.  The external plastic D ring makes hanging my Lucid Fishing Grips or strapping the bag down in my kayak quick and simple.  Also I like the fact that the bag is a bright safety orange.  Anything that helps me stay visible that close to the waters surface on a busy Madison lake is a plus in my book.
     Once on the water I started putting the bag through it's paces.  After many trips out I can honestly say that the bag is performing flawlessly.  It has held up well and as of writing this I have had no water get inside bag.  It stays put when casting and the D ring hasn't cracked or deformed despite being made out of plastic.  This was my only real concern with the bag since in the past I have had issues with plastic attachment points failing on bags used for outdoor activities.  All in all the bag is a great investment and performs exactly as promised.

      This brings up the part of the review where I have to ask is their anything I don't like or would change about the bag?  The only thing I really would like to see is maybe a 20 liter size.  Seriously, that's all I would change.  I can easily fit my jacket, sun gloves, buff, and a tackle tray in this 10 liter bag.  What I can't fit is my large Orvis fly box.  The mouth of the bag is to small so I need to transfer the flies I plan to use to a smaller box when I use this bag on the water.  Otherwise I love everything about this bag including the price, at $14.99 it's a great deal.  To get one of your own check out
     Tight Lines.

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