Milwaukee Ice Fishing Expo Experience

     One of my jobs as a prostaffer for different fishing companies is helping out at events throughout the year.  Last weekend I was given the opportunity to help out in the Vibrations Tackle booth for the Milwaukee Ice Expo.  I enjoy expos for many reasons, from helping to promote sponsors products, to sharing my personal tactics, the countless seminars, and meeting the industry pros I look up to and respect.  The Milwaukee Ice Fishing Expo had decent attendance for an event in its first year.  Their was to much going on to try and explain it all in 1 post so I thought I would just drop some quick photos.
A fuzzy photo to start the weekend.
We had a huge interest in Echotails for brown trout. 
Got to talk shallow water perch with Jason Mitchell. 
Explaining how the lures vibration can be adjusted based on line location.
This is the coolest snowmobile I have ever seen.
Always working, Rob Blanchar explains the advantages of
a replaceable soft plastic tail.
Shameless selfie, not gonna lie, I love working these events.
     That about wraps up my weekend at the Milwaukee Ice Fishing Expo.  All the big names were in attendance, Clam, Northland, HT Enterprises, Striker Ice, and Thorne Bros.  I would like to give a shout out to Vibrations Tackle and Justin Blanchar for allowing me to help out in the booth.  I got a bunch of new blog post ideas and had a great time.
     Tight Lines.

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