Can't Fly Fish With Your Boots On

     Always looking for new experiences I stopped off at the Madison Fly Casters, Winter Indoor Casting Event.  Lately I have been looking for ways to bridge the gap between conventional fisherman and fly fisherman.  For me, both styles of angling are really interesting and they both require an incredible amount of skill.  Skill that can only be developed through time on the water.  I have witnessed amazing casting skills from both breeds of fisherman in the past and I want desperately to figure out how to get these two distinct groups of anglers together.  With this in mind I decided that I would attend and spread the word about the Capital City Muskies Club.  Besides, I'm down for any opportunity to cast a line during these long Wisconsin winters.
     I arrived at the Keva Sports Center in Middleton a little late.  It wasn't my fault really, I had just gotten back from the Milwaukee Harbor and for whatever reason my dog was in no rush to finish her business out in the yard.  I ended up having to leave the house still suited up in my ice gear.  Judging from the glances I got walking through the door I must have looked like I was coming back from an arctic expedition.  After finding my way through the throngs of soccer moms I rounded the corner to find a line of dedicated fly casters.  
   At the end of the picnic tables lined with rod cases I found a familiar face.  It was Tristan from Orvis of Madison and he was busy showing off new Orvis rods.  He had Superfines, Recons, and Helios 2 series rods available to demo.  They were all rigged up and ready to go.  Whether you wanted to cast a 10 weight rod or were just curious about how a 4 weight carbon rod compares to its fiberglass counterpart, all you had to do was grab one of the combos and head out on the gym floor.
     I got to meet a lot of people and was able to introduce myself to new musky anglers (new to me, not new to muskies).  Was also able to see some amazing demonstrations of casting skill.  Guys firing off 40-50 foot casts across the wood court and landing their flies inside what looked like the little 5 inch diving rings from your backyard pool.  It was truly impressive to watch, regardless of your angling preferences.  The next event is this Sunday, February 15th at the Keva Sports Center in Middleton from 12:30pm to 2:30pm.  They will have representatives in from Fontana Sports, as well as Sage, Rio, and Reddington.  It only costs $5 to cast and if you "throw down" $10 total, you get a sweet MadFlyCasters sticker.  Do what it takes to get yourself free and stop out this Sunday.  You can also follow the group on Facebook.  They post information on future outings, events, and some sweet catch pics.  Please remember to wear non marking, non black soles to the event this Saturday.  The fine folks at the Keva Sports Center don't want your shoes messing up the basketball court.  I didn't get to cast that day because well, you can't fly fish with your boots on.
     Tight Lines.

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