Fly Box Update January/February


   After attending the Orvis of Madison fly tying event awhile back I have had flies on the brain.  Today while waiting for them to load the line and backing on my new Mirage V fly reel, I found some more flies I couldn't live without.

Here's whats been added to the Orvis fly box as of February 2015:

1x Puglisi Yellow Perch
2x Montauk Monsters in White, and Green
1x Smack'em Spey in Black
1x Kinkly Muddler in Chartreuse/White
1x Cowen's Floating Minnow
9x Schultzy's S4 Sculpin 3 each of Olive, Gray, Rust
3x TH Rubber-Legged Bugger
2x Jan's Carp Tickler in Red (since mine are in trees all over Madison)
2x May's Identity Crisis in Olive
2x Hise's Carpnasty in Rust
4x Carp Bitters in Rust and Olive
1x Woolly Bugger (I tied myself)
1x Panfish Streamer (I tied myself)
2x Weird Little Green Yarn Thing?

     That about wraps up February and it's only the 6th.  Who knows, we may have to do another update later this month since my fly tying kit is scheduled to arrive next week.
     Tight Lines.

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