Kayaks and Foam a SeaDek Story

They even include a sticker!
     The first thing I ordered for the new Native Watercraft Slayer Propel and Versaboard was complete SeaDek kits.  For more info on SeaDek products follow the link here.  For our purposes all you need to know is that SeaDek is an adhesive backed foam padding that is precut to fit your boat.  It's waterproof, provides good grip in wet conditions, and is extremely durable.  I contacted SeaDek and ordered a set for the 2015 Slayer and Versaboard.  Once they arrived I called my buddy Richard and we set about getting them installed on the boats.
Cleaning with Windex
     To install the SeaDeking you need to prep the surfaces of the kayak.  You'll want to start by removing all the deck rigging.  If you don't the chemicals can stain your rope, trust me!  For the Native boats all that's required is a phillips screwdriver (your kayak may need other tools).  Since the Slayer came with some padding already installed, I had to rip it off the bottom of the boat.  Then I washed the whole thing down liberally with acetone.  Once I got the glue removed the instructions said to wipe it down with a cleaning product that contains ammonia.  So I followed it up with some Windex glass cleaner.  The Slayer was really dirty when I picked it up so this step took quite a while.
     Next up, you need to layout all the pieces of the SeaDek kit.  Take your time with this if you have a kayak or SUP like the Versaboard.  All the pieces look the same and are pretty close in size so I can easily see somebody gluing down the wrong piece and ruining the install.
Layout and fit every single piece.
     Once you have all the pieces laid out and in place you will want to find some masking tape and a razor blade.  You need to lightly score each piece in the middle so that you can remove the backing paper.  Then tape down one side of the foam so that the pieces stay in place.  Believe me this step is wicked important.
Tape one side to keep it in place.
     At this point I started to get nervous.  The instructions make it clear in no uncertain terms that once you peel the backing and press down on the foam you can't move it.  Just to make sure you understand this, IT IS PERMANENT.  Peel back one side of the foam, line it up, and press it down in place.  Then remove the masking tape and the rest of the backing paper and starting from the middle finish applying the piece of SeaDeking.
Peel one side of the backing at a time.
     Now just take your time and slowly apply each piece to your kayak.  It can be a little tedious, especially if you, like myself, suffer from carpal tunnel.  Pay special attention to getting out all of the air bubbles.  Also apply extra pressure around the edges since this would be the easiest place for the foam to peel up.
Pay extra attention to the edges.
     Once installed you will find that the SeaDek looks great.  The pieces are cut clean and have a nice bevel giving the kayak a very professional look.  I am happy with how the whole thing turned out and would recommend SeaDek to anybody looking for some extra cushioning, noise deadening, or grip for their kayak or SUP.  Check them out for yourself at www.SeaDek.com.
     Tight Lines.

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