Cliff's Bugger Beast Fly Box Review

      Well I finally broke down and bought a second fly box. I was simply running out of room to add more flies to the large Orvis box I bought last year. Not really because of the number of flies that I owned. It was more about the size of the flies I have been buying lately.
     As most of you are probably aware I spend the majority of my free time chasing muskies around the Madison Chain of Lakes. Musky flies normally have big hooks and large body profiles. Those attributes were eating up a lot of precious space. I needed a box that was made for the big stuff. After shopping around and reading a lot reviews I found the Cliff's Bugger Beast from Cliff Outdoors.
     The Bugger Beast is one of the biggest fly boxes I have ever seen. It measures out at 13.5 inches long, 9 inches wide, and stands at almost 3 inches tall. That is so large that I can load up both sides of the box with huge flies and they don't get squished together. The foam inserts are slotted and hold the over sized hooks associated with these kinds of flies tightly in place. I have dropped the box a few times (oops), and later when I opened it up everything is neat and tidy.
     The Cliff's Bugger Beast is a well designed and thought out fly box. It holds the BIG flies you need when chasing the largest of predators. It even fits snugly behind the seat of my kayak. To get your own Cliff's Bugger Beast just follow the link.
     Tight Lines.

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