Madison Musky Addict Guide Service

     It's finally happened, John started his guide service!!!  For those that haven't been in the loop, John (JJ) is one of the best musky anglers in the Madison area.  He is the one that got me started on my musky fishing journey.  With his early instruction, knowledge of the area, and dedication to the sport, he put me on the fish.  All I had to do was get them to eat the lure.
He put me on my personal best and helped insure a healthy release.
     The reason I say finally is that JJ has taken his time starting his guide service.  He wanted to make sure that he was doing everything right.  He is insured, has all the necessary gear, and has fair prices for your time out on the water.  I love the fact that he allows you to drink coffee on his boat!!!  The biggest thing that has stopped me from booking trips with other local guides is that they don't allow you to have coffee on the boat.  Seriously?  How hard is it to run a steam cleaner over the carpet on an off day (sorry for the rant).
Spring, Summer, or Fall, he can put you on the fish.
     Long story short, JJ will provide you with a great day on the water.  His rates are pay by the hour so if you're on the fish you can add time as you go.  No fixed hours or having to leave good fishing because your time is up.  To book a trip with John check out his site at, you won't be disappointed!
JJ will make sure you learn the basics correctly.  Casting, Figure 8's, Netting, and CPR.
     Tight Lines.

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