My Favorite Native Watercraft Accessories Part 1

     Since I started fishing from a Native Watercraft kayak this season I have fallen in love with a few well thought out accessories from their product line.  I intend for this series of posts to grow over time as I test out and rig up different Native Watercraft components.  This post (part 1) will focus on 2 items that I almost didn't purchase.  At the time I didn't think they were really needed, however I have come to really depend on them when I'm on the water.  Which items am I talking about?  The First Class Seat Pack and the High/Low First Class Seat Organizer.
First Class Seat Pack
     The First Class Seat Pack is a great addition to my Slayer Propel.  It's already formed to fit the seat, and attaches quickly and simply with some velcro straps.  The top of the seat pack has a zipper for easily accessing small items or a jacket while seated.  It also includes two adjustable pockets that can hold just about anything.  I use it to hold my Backwater Assault Hand Paddle on my left and my Hawg Trough on my right.  I know other anglers use these pockets to hold water bladders, bagged soft plastics, even small tackle trays.  As an added bonus the First Class Seat Pack has reflective piping for a little more visibility when you're out on the water.
High/Low First Class Seat Organizer
     The second accessory I can't live without is the High/Low First Class Seat Organizer. This handy accessory stores your must have items right at your fingertips.  It is specifically designed to attach to the bottom of the First Class Seat (again with velcro straps) and gives you a convenient place to store tools, tackle trays, or any other small item.  I use mine to keep my musky release tools at the ready.  With 4 pockets just below my seat I am able to keep pliers, hook cutters, and that mouth holder open thingy accessible and ready should the situation call for it.  The D rings make tethering my Lucid Fishing Grips simple and the two tackle tray pockets hold the cover to my Garmin Fish Finder and a pair of release gloves safe and secure.  The High/Low First Class Seat Organizer is made out of the same material as the First Class Seat so it washes easily and dries quickly.  It's one of those once you have it, how did you function without it kind of things.
     Give these 2 items from Native Watercraft a try if you own any of their kayak models that come with the First Class Seat.  Installation is a breeze and they look great on the boat.  They're made in the USA (that's reason enough) and are built to last.  To get them for your boat swing by Rutabaga Paddlesports or check them out online.  I'm sure they will be more than happy to help you out.
     Tight Lines.


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