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Luck is what happens...

Tight Lines.

Slacking for Carp

So I must admit that lately I haven't exactly been following the plan.  I'm supposed to be bass fishing from my kayak.  This weekend is the River Bassin Trail Tournament stop in Madison, and I really should be putting in my time on the water.  I have been out and fishing, just not for what many believe to be Americas game fish.  I do enjoy catching bass, it's just that I enjoy chasing carp on the fly a lot more.  For those of you not in regular pursuit of the "golden bonefish" I can honestly say, you're missing out.  
Carp are quickly becoming the freshwater fish of choice for many fly anglers.  These fish are smart, finicky, and can be found almost anywhere.  As an urban angler I can't think of a better fish species to chase.  If you think I'm talking crazy you're definitely not alone.  I hear about it all the time from other anglers, especially from the local troutists (trout+elitist).  Trash fish, garbage fish, rough fish, think of your derogato…

Great Lakes Kayak Fishing Tournament Series Part 3

Exiting the driveway at 2 am I was downing coffee and struggling to stay awake.  My truck was pointed towards Illinois and I was headed back to Ottawa for the third stop on the Great Lakes Kayak Fishing Tournament Series.  This event is the one I was looking forward to the most because I love chasing big catfish.  Online research prior to the event showed that the Fox River had large flathead and channel catfish so I brought along some of my favorite freshwater big game rods and an assortment of baits.  To say I was fired up would be an understatement, and my pulse started to quicken the closer I got to the marina.
As I unloaded my kayak some of the locals asked why I had such large rods with me.  I told them that I had read about the big cats in this river system and a few of them started to laugh.  I realized at this point that I was a little over gunned.  "Biggest catfish you'll find around the marina is maybe a two foot long channel cat," one of them said.  I was a bi…

Mobility is Everything

I see it all the time when wandering the banks here in Madison.  People that are trapped in one spot because of the sheer amount of gear that they carry.  I still haven't pinpointed the exact reasons shore anglers feel the need to bring along everything they own, but they do.  Sometimes I wonder if it's based on personal image?  Maybe they just want to show off all the gear they own?  It could even be that they really want a boat and they think that if they carry all of the stuff they would store on a boat, they're one step closer to boat ownership?  I'm not 100% sure why shore based anglers do it, but they normally do.  Let me give you an example.
While out chasing muskies last week I ran into this guy on the break wall.  The first thing I noticed was that he had a lot of gear.  Three rods, a huge musky tackle box, giant net, and at least 8 tackle trays.  Working my way down the wall I asked if he had any luck today.  He said, "Nope, been here for five hours and h…

Thank You

So this is the 200th post on  I have struggled with what to write as a way to thank you to all of you who have helped me in this chapter of my life.  So with out a lot of words, I would like to thank you, all of you.

All 1,693 followers on Google+...Thank YouTo the 3,496 friends on Facebook, and the 639 followers...Thank YouFor the 1,272 Twitter followers who retweet my posts...Thank YouAll 584 of the people tagging along on Instagram...Thank YouTo those that have watched the 35,423 views on You Tube...Thank YouTo everybody that has subscribed to the blog, read an article, attended a seminar, or listened to me at an expo...Thank You
Thanks to everybody that has helped Shorebound Hero amass over 600,000 views across 4 social media platforms not counting this blog or Facebook.  This ride has been amazing and I want to thank my family, friends, and sponsors (find links to them on the left side of this blog) for believing in me and helping me chase this crazy dream of mi…

The King Magnet by Vibrations Tackle

I will never forget my first king salmon encounter in my early twenties.  I was fly fishing in the Two Rivers area with a simple fly I made from a foam ball and some super glue.  When that fish grabbed my fly in those knee deep waters the fight that ensued changed my whole perspective on fishing.  It had so much power and jumped so high out of the water that I was literally exhausted and out of breath when I finally beached it on the shoreline.  That fish broke the 5 wt fly rod I was using and continued to fight with me all the way to the cooler.  That same kind of experience is what I was after the first time I booked a salmon charter for myself and some friends on Lake Michigan a few years ago.
As we left the dock and headed to the open water outside the harbor walls I remember my initial confusion as the first mate on board let line after line out of the back of the boat into the water.  It was my first experience with trolling, something I had read about, but had never actually don…

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