King Magnet Trolling Series Test Color

     Okay everybody I need your help with something.  For the last few years we've been asking Vibrations Tackle to release their sweet King Magnet Trolling series lure in the ever popular salmon color pattern wonder bread.  We all know the effectiveness of this color scheme on the flicker shads and it just seems fitting that a lure designed specifically to catch the mighty King Salmon should be available in this pattern.  I've been talking to the folks over at Vibrations Tackle and am hoping you can help me get them on board.  If you're interested in the pattern to add to your King Salmon trolling arsenal let them know by commenting below, asking them through the store, or hit them up on facebook.  I think this color pattern has a lot of promise and was able to get them to make me up a few for this weekends tournament.  For information on the King Magnet Trolling Series of lures just follow the link here.  To learn more about the Echotail please visit
Not yet available for purchase...
     Tight Lines.

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