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Fly Box Update October 2015

The seasons are changing here in Wisconsin, and with them the fly box was in need of a few updates.  I've been spending a lot of time in Port Washington, WI chasing various salmon and trout species from shore and I recently realized that I didn't have any Great Lakes specific fly patterns in my general species box.  As always a quick stop off at Orvis of Madison changed all that.  It's funny how they always seem to have a good reason for me to part with my money...coincidence?

The general species fly box now includes:

6 Steelhead Hammers in Blue and Chartreuse3 Egg Sucking Leeches in Purple Size 43 Egg Sucking Leeches in Black Size 63 Z Eggs in Chartreuse3 Senyo's Egg Raiders in BlackHopefully these flies (and a little luck) will allow a few steelhead and big browns to grace the pages of this blog.  I'll be using my Mirage reel and Encounter rod for the majority of the casting.  Although I think my new Wisco rod will be able to handle some of the fish I've spotte…

Badger Tenkara

If you follow this blog with any regularity you've no doubt noticed that I'm a firm believer in keeping things simple.  The whole downsize your gear and simplify your fishing thing started when I read a book about Tenkara fishing.  I was blown away by the one rod/one fly concept and set about learning as much as I could about this ancient form of fly fishing.  The only thing I didn't like about it was that it seemed to have the same rigid rules and preconceived notions that many already associate with fly fishing.  Enter at this point the guys over at Badger Tenkara.

They understand the history and rules of Tenkara well and quickly threw them out the window in an effort to make this form of fishing ridiculously fun.  I've been asked to help them with some R&D in kind of a rod ambassador role.  At Shorebound Hero I like to bend the rules a bit and I couldn't be happier to help them spread the word about Tenkara and hopefully destroy some of the stereotypes as I w…

Madtown Wader Fishing

It started with an email...well actually a series of emails.  While searching for shore fishing spots in Wisconsin they stumbled upon  They had limited funds available and just wanted to drop a line to see if the prices I had listed on the site were for real.  I quickly assured them that those were in fact my prices and that I still had Sunday morning open.  Plans were made to chase pike and bass on the fly while wading some of the Madison lakes.
Ileft work Sunday morning (3rd shifter), stopped for a Redbull, and headed over to the meeting point on beautiful Lake Waubesa.  I was greeted by two gentleman that were a little tired from the drive and a little nervous about wading an unknown body of water.  "So you actually wade lakes?" he asked, "All the time" I replied.  "Just along the shoreline?" his friend asked, "Nope you can wade a good 50 yards or more out into the water."  The look on their faces said it all.  They had for…

Kayaking and the A.I.S.

Today is a maintenance day over here at Shorebound Hero Kayak Guide Service.  I've been crazy busy lately taking out clients, aligning sponsors for the 2016 season, and booking speaking engagements.  On top of that I still have the "Day Job" of running a state publishing and distribution center as well as trying to be an involved husband/father for my lovely wife and two active kids.  As I was going through the gear in my garage I found that I had a surprising amount of weeds still in the bottom of my kayak from earlier this week.  Why does this matter?  Because of AIS, that's why.
Last Tuesday night was the monthly meeting of the Southern Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  One of the speakers that evening was from the River Alliance of Wisconsin and he was talking about AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species).  Part of his talk covered the use of wader cleaning stations around the Driftless area.  The question he was interested in having answered was, "Is anybody act…

Bucktail Tuning Tip

If you spend enough time chasing muskies sooner or later you're gonna foul up a bucktail when casting.  Or maybe you're a shore fisherman who's looking for a couple more feet when making a long cast.  Well this tip will help you stop fouling inline spinner baits on the cast and will make you're bucktails cast farther.  I first came across this modification a few years ago and have been shocked at how many anglers I know that don't take the time to make this modification.  They will tune the blades by bending them for more cup, bend the wire eyelet to keep the bait from rolling, and they'll spend who knows how much time trying to keep the hooks sharp, but they won't take 5 minutes to make sure the hooks don't fowl on the cast.
So first off let's take a quick look at how this modification works.  For the example in the pictures I'll be using a Nauti Lures Blade Bait.  The heat shrink will be added to the base of the hook and over the split ring.  T…

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