When Things Don't Go Right 2015

     Last year I did a quick look back at the times when things didn't work out right while on the water.  It got a lot response and I've decided to keep this going as an annual post.  I've picked my favorite pictures from the 2015 season.  Because we can all relate to the times when things just don't go right. 
If you've got to fall on the ice, at least fall with company. 

When you tell your daughter that the river bank isn't that steep.

Lost again...it's a Driftless Area tradition.

You lose a lot of gear fishing with kids, but it's worth it.

This rod only lasted 4 hours, it was broke by a small pike.

When you get to the water and the client doesn't show up.

This little guy blocked me from hooking the largest carp I've ever seen.

Seriously, fishing with children is a blast.

Don't forget the drain plug in your Versaboard unless you've got friends on the water.

Took a treble hook in the hand, it hurt like crazy!!!

Got diagnosed with a temporary nerve disorder that cost me 3 weeks of fishing this summer .

Took  a hook in the back this year too.  

Let a nice older gentleman try out my Revo.  This is how it was returned to me.
     So far it's been a great season even if things haven't always gone right.

     Tight Lines.

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