2016 Upcoming Expos and Events

     Expo season is coming fast and I'll be out and about supporting my sponsors, sharing the blog, and preparing for the 2016 guide and tournament season.  I've gotten a few emails asking what events I will be attending, so here is a short list of the places I am certain I will be traveling to.  Some are speaking engagements, some are for advertising, and all of them seem like they'll be a lot of fun.
     First up after the new year is the SWTU Icebreaker on January 16th.  This is their 33rd annual event and promises to be a great time with local anglers.  I will be in attendance for the event and am donating an 8 weight fly rod and reel combo as well as a collection of carp flies that are proven producers in the Madison area.  As an added bonus a 4 hour guided fly fishing trip will also be auctioned off.  This will be a you CHOOSE trip, so you can pick what we pursue and how we do it if you're the winning bidder.  We can shorefish, wade, kayak, canoe, whatever you want.  You get to CHOOSE, which should make the outing one to remember.  For more on the IceBreaker check it out here.
     Next on the list is the Badger Fly Fisher's Spring Opener February 13th.  This will be my first time attending this event and SBH will have a BOOTH!  Everything I've heard about this event in the past has been positive and I'm super excited to have a chance to get some exposure at a new venue.  I'll have guided trip information as well as the full line up of SBH stickers available for purchase.  I'll be donating a 4 hour guided carp on the fly trip for this event to be redeemed in June after the spawn.  They will have fly tying demonstrations, vendors, and a featured speaker so make sure you mark your calendars and plan to make a day of it.  Rumor has it that my tournament kayak might even be able to attend.  For more information on the Badger Fly Fisher's Spring Opener follow the link here.
     The Wisconsin Fishing Expo is February 26th-28th and my kayak and myself will be in the Rutabaga Paddlesports booth.  I'll be helping out as their guest and answering your kayak fishing questions and my Slayer will be modeling the newest accessories from Native Watercraft.  It's a great event with 20,000+ people in attendance.  Lots of vendors, speakers, and great fish stories are always present.  For more information on the Wisconsin Fishing Expo check out the link here.
     Rutabaga Paddlesports presents CANOECOPIA is March 11th-13th at the Alliant Energy Center.  This is the largest paddling expo you can attend and it really pays to attend all 3 days.  Everyday has new speakers, demos, and deals.  Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a beginner there is something for everybody at CANOECOPIA.  I will be in Native Watercraft's booth for the event and will be giving a presentation on their behalf.  It will be my first time speaking at such a large event, but with the support of my fellow angler/paddlers I'm sure I'll be fine.  For a complete list of all the goings on, follow the link here and make sure to follow them on Facebook.
     That same weekend I'll be at the Madison Musky School on March 12th.  I will be teaching my Shorefishing and Kayak Muskies class.  This is my 2nd year to teach at this wonderful event and it will be my 5th year in attendance.  I will have my guide service information as well as free stickers available for those that ask.  You can't beat this school when it comes to catching muskies.  The best anglers in the country will be teaching on a huge variety of topics and a wonderful lunch is INCLUDED.  For more information on this or other events put on by the Capital City Chapter of Muskies INC follow the link here.
     Now for something a little unrelated, but totally worth mentioning.  Orvis of Madison is holding a new series of drop in seminars starting in January.  These events will be held the 2nd Thursday of each month from 5:30pm-7pm.  The best part?  They will focus on what's happening now!  Winter trout in the winter, spring steelhead in the spring, summer carp in the summer, you get the idea.  Find out what's working on local waters as its happening, and it's FREE.  Just another example of a local shop reaching out to better its angling community.
     That's all the events I'm currently planning to attend for Winter/Spring 2016.  These should keep me busy for the next few months at least.  If I hear about any other great local events I will of course keep you posted.
    Tight Lines.

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