A New Jersey for a New Season

     This year I ordered my tournament jersey with a change of mindset.  In the past I have always ordered my jersey with the goal of using it to get others attention.  I wear my jersey for guiding, speaking engagements, fishing expos, and at various tournaments around the Midwest.  The design and layout of my jersey has always been to attract others with big logos and bright colors.  I wanted to make sure that everybody that saw it knew exactly what Shorebound Hero was, so naturally that logo was the primary focus.  As I've gotten more comfortable in my own skin over the last year or so I noticed that those jerseys didn't really fit what I was trying to accomplish as an angler.  I'm not a professional bass angler, I'm a kayak angler and fishing guide.  So this year I've laid out my tournament jersey very differently than in the past.
     One of the first things you'll notice is that the color pattern isn't the standard bold and bright "look at me" patterns I've used in the past.  Why?  The reason is 100% fishing related, I simply don't want the fish to see me.  It sounds crazy, but when you think about it, bright colors don't lend themselves well to stalking carp in shallow water.  Also when you consider how much closer you are to the water when in a kayak muted colors that break up your silhouette against the sky just make sense.
     Another thought I had while reviewing my photos from the 2015 season was that I wasn't really doing justice to my sponsors when out on the water.  Well actually, it was my son who noticed my lack of sponsors logos...Thank You Tsion.  Tsion made the comment that you couldn't see the logos on my jersey when I was wearing a PFD or using my backpack.  Which upon further review was all the time!  I had never thought about that before since lots of logos on the front and back of a fishing jersey is normal.  I needed to move the logos to the sleeves so that they would be visible in pictures.  I struggled with this at first since the jersey looked empty, but in the long run I think it makes sense.
     My final thought was that this season I wanted a jersey that was more comfortable while out on the water.  That's why for the first time I ordered a long sleeve jersey with a quarter zippered front and a collar.  Last season I wasn't the most comfortable while fishing from the kayak or while trumping around the shoreline.  I believe I can better regulate body temperature and limit my contact with harmful UV rays with this jersey design.  Only time will tell, but I know from watching other pros this past season at kayak tournaments that this type of garment is much more versatile during a day of fishing.  As the season progresses I'll post an update or two about how this jersey is working out.  Until next time...
     Tight Lines.

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