My Favorite Native Watercraft Accessories Part 2

     Gadgets and accessories are a big part of the angling experience.  We all love them and happily hand over our money in exchange for an item that promises to improve our time on the water.  Kayak fishing is no different, so here is a couple more Native Watercraft accessories that I can't live without on the water.
Cam-Lok Double Paddle Rest
     First up is the Cam-Lok Double Paddle Rest.  This handy little device holds your paddle when on the water.  It mounts to your kayaks groove track system and allows you to securely rest your paddle across your lap.  Just set the paddle down in the soft rubber cam strap and you're fishing hands free.  Need to paddle again?  Just lift the paddle and the Cam-Lok Double Paddle Rest will release and your back in motion.  No more fumbling around trying to cast while balancing your paddle at the same time.  This little tool makes fishing from a kayak a breeze and since it's made of rubber it won't scratch or mar your carbon fiber paddle shaft.  As a sweet bonus, it fits in all aftermarket track systems so you can use it even if you don't own a Native Watercraft.
Fishing Buddy with Rod Holders
     Next is an item I feel is a must have if you fish from a kayak.  It's the Fishing Buddy with Rod Holders.  It's a fishing crate, and so much more.  We all have a fishing crate to hold gear when out on our kayaks.  The difference in this crate design is most evident when you're leaving the water.  This fishing crate has handles!  This makes packing up your gear and getting it to the truck much easier.  All I have to do is toss all the electronics, tools, and my PFD into the Fishing Buddy with Rod Holders.  Stick my rods in the holders and grab my paddle.  One trip to and from the vehicle, this saves a ton of time.  It holds 6 rods, has multiple pockets, and is built like a tank.  I have been extremely hard on this accessory and it has taken it in stride.  Once again this works in any kayak so you can reap the benefits regardless of the brand of kayak you currently own.
     These two Native Watercraft accessories will change the way you fish from a kayak.  As anglers we are always looking for an advantage on the water.  Whether you fish in tournaments or fish a local pond on the weekends anything that makes life easier is a plus in my book.  Check out these and all of the other great kayaking accessories at
     Tight Lines.

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