Badger Fly Fishers Spring Opener 2016

     Today I had the opportunity to setup a "booth" at the 2016 Badger Fly Fishers Spring Opener event.  I wanted to use this event as another building block in my master plan for Midwest kayak angling domination, but it was my fly carpin' trip donation that stole the show.  Although my Slayer did its job and got people into the booth, those "trash fish" were the talk of the town.  Lots of people picked my little brain about flies, casting, urban angling techniques, and every other imaginable topic related to what I believe to be the pinnacle of freshwater fly fishing.  I did manage to get a couple of kayak angling trips on the tentative books, but since arriving home tonight I've fielded at least a dozen emails regarding the best times to book a land based carp fishing trip.
     I had a wonderful time today and met some amazing people.  I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to the fine members of the Badgers Fly Fishers for putting on this event and allowing me and my blue boats to anchor the show (we were the last stop on vendor row).  Next up the Slayer and myself will be at the Wisconsin Fishing Expo in support of Rutabaga Paddlesports.
     Tight Lines.

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