MadFlyCasters February 2016 Event Recap

     This weekend I attended the MadFlyCasters event at the Keva Sports Center.  Last year I was able to make it to a few of their events and I had a blast each and every time.  The events exist for one purpose, casting.  They organize these outings to allow us fly anglers in the frozen north the ability to stretch out our arms even though the lakes are currently covered in ice.  They encourage attendees to bring the new gear they got over the winter and if willing, pass it around so others can try it out.  They also contact local fly shops and ask them to bring out models for us to demo.  The folks over at Fontana Sports didn't disappoint this year and brought out a great selection of rods and reels from Sage, and Redington.  They even brought out some of the Salt rods and I finally got the chance to cast a true bonefish setup.  It was a fly flinging beast!  I will never again make the mistake of comparing carp gear to bonefish gear.  I can now honestly say that they are totally different animals.
Small group shot of a few of the fly anglers in attendance.
     I brought a long my TFO Lefty Kreh Bluewater 10 weight and had it paired with my Mirage reel by Orvis.  It got a lot of use as a number of anglers picked it up and fired off some casts.  Another buddy of mine brought his new 4 weight Orvis Superfine Glass paired with the Battenkill reel.  It was my first time to cast this setup and I now understand why it has such a strong following here in the Driftless region.
     The only problem I can see with the MadFlyCasters events are that they eventually come to an end.  I had a wonderful time swapping stories, casting lines, and getting to meet so many great people.  The events are organized on their Facebook page so to make sure you're in attendance at the next one follow the link here.
     Tight Lines.

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