Southern Wisconsn Kayak Anglers

     For the last year or so some of us in the Madison area have been tossing around the idea of starting a kayak fishing club.  The only issue is none of us wanted to have to join anything.  We were actually looking for a way to get local kayak fishing enthusiasts together on the water.  No pressure, no hype, and none of the normal bulls*#t.  We just want to get together once a week or maybe once a month and chase some fish, drink some beer swap some stories, and connect with other anglers that are just as passionate as we are.
     Well we've finally gotten the ball rolling (only took a year) and have a Facebook Community Page setup for people to join so that they can talk boats, post fish pics, and setup times to meet other anglers on the water.  Their is even preliminary talk about a possible 6 week bass league over the summer with prizes for the top finishers and maybe offering a sticker at some point to rock on your kayak.  I can't stress enough the "preliminary" part of this idea.
     So if you're a current kayak angler in Southern WI or even just somebody looking to get into kayak angling once the ice melts find us on Facebook.  Just Like and Follow the page and will have the occasional post with info about what we're up to, where will be fishing, and maybe will post some tips and let everybody show off their boats and favorite catches.  In case you missed it, follow the link here.
     Tight Lines.

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