A Couple Last Minute Updates

     This weekend is Canoecopia at the Alliant Energy Center and the Slayer will be on display in the Native Watercraft booth.  I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to finish a couple of the things I had been putting off over the cold winter months.  Some of these are actual upgrades, some are updates, and one is totally for cosmetics.
     I started it all off by replacing the seat cover on my First Class seat.  For those that are not aware Native Watercraft has updated the material and color for their kayak accessories to a really nice grayish weave.  Since my seat cover had numerous rips and a few cut off hooks in it I thought it would be nice to replace it.  It is purely cosmetic because it uses the same seat frame and has the same padding as the original, but I love the way it looks so I'm more than happy with it.
     The second update is more of an upgrade.  The 2016 Slayers come with a great new cup/rod holder next to the seating position.  I loved the idea of having cup holder that wasn't on the floor of the kayak, especially when fly fishing.  I ordered one of these directly from the factory and replaced my original rod holder with the cup/rod holder combo.  This freed up my old flush mount rod holder to be installed behind my seat.  I'll use this rod holder a lot when trolling for muskies.
     Speaking of muskies, the final upgrade was a set of Supernova Fishing Lights.  I've wanted some lights in the cabin of my kayak and under the hatch for a while now.  In fact I ordered the lights last summer, but never got around to installing them.  I went with two of the 4 LED strips in red and wired them into a switch under the front hatch.  The red lights are more than bright enough to use for knot tying, and it should cut down on the temporary night blindness I currently experience when using a headlamp.  The installation was really simple and they don't use much in the way of battery power.  To find out more about the Supernova Fishing Lights line of products follow the link here.
     That's it for kayak upgrades this season as far as I can tell.  If you get the chance swing by Canoecopia this weekend.  I'll be giving some presentations on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  I will also be in the Native Watercraft booth most of the weekend to answer any questions you may have about the kayaks or fishing in the Madison area.  Hope to see you there!
     Tight Lines.

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