Ecuador Fly Fishing at Orvis Happier Hour

     Recently I had the opportunity to attend Orvis of Madison's Happier Hour.  For those of you out of the loop, Happier Hour is a monthly free seminar/talk that they hold the 2nd Thursday at 5:30pm.  This months speaker was Javier Guevara from Ecuador Fly Fishing Tours.  He leads affordable fly fishing trips throughout the U.S., Mexico and Central America.  His talk covered a lot of information not only about his trips, but also techniques for trout, tarpon, peacock bass, and the formidable payara.  I learned so much about the rigging, flies, and presentations, that at the end of the seminar I was literally speechless.  I couldn't come up with a single question to ask him since my brain was still trying process just how cheap his trips were.
     A big thank you to Orvis of Madison for putting on this event.  If you're interested in learning more about Javier's fly fishing trips check out his website here.  To find out what's going on with Orvis of Madison and the line up of Happier Hour speakers check out the website or give them a call at (608) 831-3181.  Until next time...
     Tight Lines.

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